1.Formaldehyde in Furniture:-

Where is formaldehyde found? Pressed-wood products like particleboard and plywood. It can also be found in glues and adhesives, as well as some fabrics.

Why is formaldehyde dangerous? Formaldehyde is colorless but strong smelling and has been linked to dry, itchy throats, coughing, red and sore eyes, and asthma. The EPA class formaldehyde as a human carcinogen, although other studies claim that the risk of cancer is low, even after long exposure.

2.Vinyl Acetate in Furniture:-

Where is vinyl acetate found? You’ll find vinyl acetate in polyvinyl products but also in paint and lacquers, films on furniture, as well as some adhesives, such as when it is used to put linoleum down.

Why is vinyl acetate dangerous? It’s not classified as a carcinogen, but there have been reports of respiratory difficulty, inflammation, and coughing.

3.Flame Retardants in Furniture:-

Where are flame retardants found? Most of your furniture will have chemical flame retardants, particularly mattresses and sofas.

Why is it dangerous? Furniture that contains foam is usually doused in flame retardants. There are many different chemical combinations used and unfortunately, these can be particularly dangerous. Flame retardants are known to cause lung, heart, and eye problems.

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